Today, I decided that everyday I'm going to try and share at least one thing I did that day.

Today, I built an Easy Star 2 while blaring Parov Stelar.
Today, I nearly chipped off a piece of my elbow by falling on a benchtop vice.
Today, I made nachos.

I made a little box out a scrap 2x4 as a simple gift. The mechanism was inspired in part by Russell's Portal Receptacle.
Annie needed a buddy while she worked on her Fundamentals of Machine Shop homework, so I figured I could get a few things done in the lab while she worked.

First, I assembled our Eagle Eyes Antenna Pant/Tilt Kit. The frame will hold a powerful directional antenna for an EagleTree FPV system (a camera that sends back live video from a radio controlled airplane). A directional antenna great, but only if it stays pointed directly at your plane. Hence the pan/tilt frame.

Next I made a structure that will hopefully allow me to mount lights and a projector above my bed without screwing anything into the walls. The "L" end will rest on the end of a bookshelf that is already mounted to the wall, and the "T" end will rest against the wall on the other side of the room. There will be one C-clamp holding the "L" end to the bookshelf, and my hope is that the "T" shape will not allow the beam to slide down the wall and torque the bookshelf. We'll see if it works when I get back to my room.

Next up, I gave my Xeno a snazzy new paint job. The elerons are colored purple with Monocoat, the cover is spray painted green, and the fins are hand painted orange. This is a great plane, and I just got a new (non-sketchy) motor assembly for it.  I want to try flying it before class tomorrow.

Finally, I was getting annoyed that I did not have a place to keep my dry erase markers, so I made a CAD model of a something I thought might work and printed out a few. They work great! A marker snaps into the "C" of the clip, and the other end wraps the edge around my whiteboard and snaps into place perfectly. The tolerances worked out wonderfully.

I think this is enough for one night. Time to get some sleep.
This is what I'm thinking for the analog meters: voltage, speed, and amperage. I don't like that it says "VSA", so I might change the "S" to "Mph". 
I've been working on a new electronics system for Lloyd, and a major part of it is a new display. This new panel displays speed, voltage, and current on analog meters. There is then a backlit LCD that will be able to display information such as mileage, total efficiency, remaining battery life, ect. I plan on installing backlights in the analog meters as well. I already have working Arduino code that can control the analog meters and the LCD screen. The next step will be communicating with the motor controller.
Over the next week or so, I will be slowly trying to write, organize, and post about my major projects from this last semester. That is all for now.
Most of my class projects are due this coming week. I will post what I can of them soon.
It's been a rough week. Here's how my frame is coming along though.
Just a few pieces for Lloyd. The goal is to have the whole bike done by the end of the semester. Should be interesting...